Pointe shoe painting & Singing : Ree
Music & Album Design : Jun Ishikawa
Costume : Mitsue Nagata
Album Photo : Krs J Cast
Special thanks : Kazuko / Keiji / Hum
/ Kanako / Masa / rum / Trui / Philip

Title : FOR



“FOR” is the Pointe shoe painting(*1) art performance work. Its motif is “Flower of life”, which describe a someone’s whole life using sacred geometry pattern with dance-drawing performance. The music is based on Ms.Ree’s song and heartbeat, and these sounds are used as material. The materials are divided many pieces, and these pieces are repeated like the minimal music at first. From the middle part, the music begins the oriental improvised music. It means that life cannot be drawn as simple shape and line, and the complicated form is required because life has also more complex things including the emotion. Humans are sometimes filled with happiness, sometimes burning anger like catastrophe feelings. Finally, people will return to the truth of the universe, they will be led to the end of life, and then, led to the next life.

(*1) Pointe shoe painting is the art method invented by Ms.Ree. and it is a method of drawing a picture with dance using Pointe shoes as a brush.